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Lead Paint Training A Division of Geologic E.s.i Lead Paint Training Testimonials


"It was a lot of material, but presented in an understandable way" - General Contractor

"You did a good job, Thank you!" - General Contractor

"It was fun, the instructor made it interesting" - Subcontractor

"The Instructor knew the subject well and took time to explain" - General Contractor

"The Instructors knowledge and passion about the subject" - Builder

"The Instructors personality made asking questions and offering feed back easy. The course material was clear" - Project Manager

"I thought the Instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the pace up" - Anonymous

"I liked the Instructors willingness to answer questions and back them with examples" - Builder

"I liked the instructors knowledge and presentation abilities. I thought it was very informative and valuable" -  Builder

"The trainer was good and the information was interesting"

"I liked the classroom participation"

"The knowledge of the instructor and the ability to present the material in a clear manner" -  Construction, General Contractor

"The course was informative, yet relaxed and informal" - Developer

"The course explained the why BMPs work" - Builder

"I appreciated the instructor's knowledge of the EPA and local authority requirements" - General Contractor

"The course instructor communicated in a effective, educational manner" -General Contractor

"The instructor helped me learn why these practices are so important" - General Contractor

"Great Course, Good Information"  - Construction Manager

"The instructors attitude and knowledge were great! Outstanding Instructor and Course!" - Plumber

"The material was instructed and applied the material to life and me in my job" - Plumber

"The instructor explained the material so I could understand it" – Construction

"Good concise Education.  No time wasted – good hands on experience, knowledgeable instructors.  I leave with confidence!"  - General Contractor

                                                                                                                                                                     Lead Paint Training a division of GeoLogic E.S.I lead paint training testimonials

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           lead paint training testimonials in Atlanta